Ride Shown — Tornado 60

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Section 02 — About ProSlide

If it's world-class it's Proslide

About the Company Best Rides. Best Parks.
Section 03 — Why ProSlide

Why choose ProSlide

Top 4 reasons Need more reasons?

  1. Industry Pioneers

    ProSlide invented nearly every water ride innovation since 1986.

  2. Unmatched Performance

    Inspired by racing, our iconic rides deliver the power and performance that differentiates water parks.

  3. Award-Winning Design

    Our rides are precisely tailored to fit any footprint and budget.

  4. Relentless Innovation

    Constantly bettering our best work to deliver industry-leading performance and value.


Section 04 — Testimonials
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Working with ProSlide at Atlantis has been fantastic!

Alan Mahony Atlantis Sanya Aquaventure Water Park

We have the playbook for ProSlide. We're kind of a ProSlide park.

Matt Eckert Holiday World

These rides are designed for togetherness.

Scott Silar Hersheypark

ProSlide has really shown a passion for innovating rides that are really, really unique.

Chip Cleary Europa-Park
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